Thursday, April 18, 2013

Putting Things in Perspective.

Just when I start feeling sorry for myself, something happens to remind me that I have much to be grateful for.

It's been a tough week, because BooBoo (my niece - see prevous posts) is out of town and we've had stuff to do every evening. Plus taxes (and quilts) to complete. So, I've been a wee bit stressed. Here's what the week looked like:

  • Friday - Get ready for garage sale (really cleared out a lot of stuff from the attic!). Thankful that daughter-in-law is safe following an auto accident. Wishing she and son lived closer so we could hug her.
  • Saturday - Garage sale (only made a few bucks, but that stuff IS NOT COMING BACK IN THE HOUSE!)
  • Sunday - Teach adult Sunday School, go to church, lunch with friend who's been out of town. Work on tax return. Worry about son who is studying in Egypt, hoping he's safe and not too lonely.
  • Monday - Work on taxes. Don't finish, give up and file extension. Then work on customer quilt. Hubby has evening meeting at church that goes past 10:00.
  • Tuesday - Work on customer quilt, then go to Fort Worth Quilt Guild meeting. Take Mima with me because hubby has a Boy Scout Council banquet. Worry about daughter who posts on facebook about how overwhelmed she is with college schedule.
  • Wednesday - Get up extra early to get stuff ready for all-day workshop (which was great - photos coming soon). Did not have to take Mima. Thankfully her caregiver was available.
  • Thursday - catching up on paperwork, going to piece some quilts this afternoon, then Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild meeting tonight.
All of this, of course, in addition to making sure Mima is clean, safe and fed, and engaged in some activity at least part of the day. Plus the usual household bits.

So, I started to feel a little overwhelmed, maybe even a bit "oh, woe is me."

The bomb attacks at the Boston Marathon, and then last night the explosions and devastation in West, Texas, put everything in perspective.

None of the things from our busy week are bad (well, except filing taxes). In fact, they are evidence that hubby and I are healthy and active, that we have a home and family. We have faith in a God whose love is boundless. I pray the people involved in this week's tragedies, and all who are facing illness, grief, pain, and life's difficult moments, will feel that love.

Perspective is good.

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